Marriage Registration in Thailand

Both parties must first get a marriage license from the neighborhood district office, or "Amphur" in Thai, in order to register a marriage in Thailand. Typically, the Amphur must receive a number of documents as part of this procedure, including:

1. Passport or other forms of identification, such as a Thai ID card for residents of Thailand

2. a residence permit or other document proving one's residence in Thailand

3. a marriage eligibility affidavit signed under oath and provided by the embassy or consulate of the foreigner's home country

4. a proof that the pair has successfully finished the premarital counseling program mandated by Thai law.

The process for registering their marriage can begin after the Amphur has looked over and approved this paperwork. The actual registration usually takes place during a separate ceremony that is officiated by a designated representative, like a registrar or district officer.

The couple will likely be expected to present their marriage license as well as any other papers that the Amphur may require at the registration ceremony. The marriage certificate will be signed by the couple, their witnesses, and possibly certain traditional Thai customs and ceremonies during the event.

The couple will obtain a marriage certificate following the ceremony, which is accepted as legal documentation in Thailand and many other nations. This certificate will be required for a number of things, including applying for a visa and registering the marriage in the country of the foreign partner.

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