Property Legal Services in Thailand

Having the right property legal services can make the buying or leasing process easier. While they require an extra expenditure, these services can be cost-effective in property acquisition and leasing. Legal services may include zoning ordinance inspections and physical inspections. Development requires permits and physical inspections can give the buyer an idea of whether the developer adheres to the law. In addition, these services will provide information about whether the property is accessible. This article will discuss the benefits and risks of hiring a property legal service in Thailand.

Property Title Search

If you are looking to buy a property in Thailand, a property title search is an important step in the process. The title search will show you whether the seller is the legal owner of the property, and whether there are any encumbrances. This report will also show you who the original owner was of the property, which could go as far back as the king's time. The results of this search will help you decide whether you want to purchase the property or continue looking for another one.

Whether you are buying or selling property, a property title search is a key part of due diligence. Without doing due diligence, you may be paying too much for a property that may turn out to be a dud. To avoid complications, property title search legal services in Thailand can help you perform due diligence and find out the true status of the property. These services can help you protect your interests and ensure your transactions follow Thai law.

Property Due Diligence

A good lawyer is an excellent source of information about Thailand property laws. If you are considering purchasing property in Thailand, it is important to know the legal history of the property, including ownership details. This may involve doing a land title search in Thailand. A legal service can also help you prepare a due diligence report about the property. Using a lawyer can help you reduce the risk involved. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transaction:

First, a lawyer can check the file of the property. The lawyer will also examine the house registration number and land title deed. Every property must pay property tax to the local District Office, which varies based on the type of use. Obviously, a commercial property needs to pay more tax than a residential property. A lawyer who is conducting due diligence should also check for any outstanding taxes. This information is very important to the overall process of buying property.

Review of Sale and Purchase Agreement

An attorney's review of the sale and purchase agreement can clarify many of the important details that are relevant to the exchange of property and business. It can also limit the types of damages that can be incurred in the event that one party defaults. For example, the agreement may stipulate that specific performance of the agreement can be sought by either party in the event of default. In such a case, the court can order the defaulting party to transfer the business or assets. The agreement may also limit the types of damages that can be sought based on the purchase price.

A lawyer's review of the sale and purchase agreement can identify ambiguities and draw attention to any shortfalls in the conditions precedent. The lawyer will be able to offer tailored advice on which conditions may not benefit the business and whether they will be beneficial for the seller. Further, a lawyer will be able to identify any other terms or conditions that might be unclear. By following these conditions, the parties can avoid the possibility of a breach of contract.

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