Thailand Visa : Tourist Visa

If you are visiting Thailand and need a visa for a short term stay then applying for a tourist visa for Thailand is usually the best option. The visa does not allow you to work as it is only for tourism. The tourist visa is a much easier visa to obtain. It does not allow you to work in Thailand and is only valid for 60 days once you enter Thailand. Before the 60 days expires you can obtain a futher 30 days at Thai Immigration for a fee of 1,900 Baht. You can extend this visa for a second time for 1,900 Baht but only for 7 extra days. Many people don't take the 7 days as you might as well do a visa run to Cambodia for 15 days extra.

The tourist visa  is usually a single entry visa which means that it is only valid for 60 days but some embassies do issue a double entry tourist visa which allows you to stay for longer however you need to leave the country and return which is called a visa run to activate the next leg of the visa. As an example you enter Thailand with a tourist visa and the first leg of the visa is used. You then extend this at immigration for another 30 days. Before this expires you leave Thailand and return the same day and you can stay a further 60 days as the second leg of the visa is activated. Before this expires you can go to immigration and have an extra 30 days for 1,900 Baht in fees.

If you need to know more about the tourist visa then speak to any of our lawyers in Krabi about the visa options available in Thailand. With offices in all the major cities of Thailand we are able to serve you best!


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